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Snapchat needs reasons for teenagers to come back every day as they struggle to grow in the middle of Instagram competition, so they're capitalizing on their roots in Los Angeles. Today Snapchat unveiled its autumn program of a dozen "original" videos that include its first scripted programs from the best producers as keeping up with the Kardashians creator Bunim / Murray and The lights of Friday night the writer Carter Harris. There's the supernatural telenovela Detective agency Dead Girlscollege comedy Co-Ed, and a docuseries about the girl "cash me outside" Raising Bhabie

The Snapchat originals will appear on Discover, which will soon have a dedicated section for shows, as well as new permanent Show Profile pages available through the Snapchat search where users can sign up to receive automatic notifications when each episode is published. Reaction lenses facilitate the publication of the most important moments of a show. And with the new Show Portal lenses, users can place an augmented reality door on their Snaps so they can walk to explore a scene of the Show and then touch to see that Show, which allows them to spread virally.

The portal lenses use augmented reality to allow viewers to enter the scene of an original program and send the experience to friends

"The time spent watching programs on Snapchat has tripled just this year," says Snap's original content vice president, Sean Mills. Statistics from the previous 60 Snap shows of CBS, Viacom, the NFL and others since the project's release two years ago made it clear that there was an opportunity to double, especially because the original mobile programming efforts such as Facebook Watch and IGTV's Instagram have stumbled. NBC News' twice-daily program, Stay Tuned, has doubled the audience in the last year to 5 million unique viewers per day, more than half of whom watch at least 3 days per week, while the show SportsCenter reaches 17 million viewers monthly.

Snap Inc was cautious about sharing exactly how agreements work to produce shows. Some originals are funded entirely by Snapchat, some entirely by production studios, and some are joint efforts. Mills affirms that "we are not offering in programs that are being bought in the city". They always shoot vertically for Snapchat and at least they will be exclusive to the platform for a period of time. Snap says that programs are created by taking into account fast-paced mobile behavior patterns, which employ overlapping graphics, split screens, fast cuts and other modern video elements.

One thing is for sure: Snap does not want to follow Facebook's footsteps to fund the original content. With Watch and Live, Facebook paid large sums in advance to the safe creators, but when the funding ran out, it was not clear how unsubsidized programs would survive. "We want to set these things up for longer-term success," says Mills. "We're not just trying to sow the market with big investments and then we hope it becomes something later." We are very interested in the viability of this in the beginning ".

The originals will be monetized through two or three six-second commercial ads that can not be filtered in each program sold by Snap, the producers or again a combination. Snap will try to seduce the advertisers with their new originals at the NewFronts West conference that will be held today in Los Angeles. The company will also embark on its biggest marketing effort to date, after focusing on minimalist yellow billboards and airport security trays. Snapchat will post ads on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, as well as some outdoor marketing in Los Angeles to get people to purchase their new line of content. The dedicated Carousel of Shows should also help the premium content to rise above the clickbait of the news editor and the user-generated content of poor quality that is currently in Discover.

As I wrote 18 months ago, Snap's great opportunity is to design itself as the HBO of smartphones and use that drawing to hook people to their ephemeral and capricious messages. Although the list of originals seems higher than most vlogger video content and reality style that is already made for mobile devices, Mills says that Snap is not ready to commit the resources to forge its own store pole. game of Thrones. "We are still in the phase of learning about what the audience wants, we are not preparing for a premium epic show that will bring everything else," Mills tells me. "It's possible that in three or six months we'll start making bigger bets after learning what works." So, in essence, Snap is in the Sex in the city, pre-Soprano stage of becoming the mobile box office, or is like a modern Netflix financing many experiments, but that has not yet been found. House of cards.

After losing 3 million daily users and sinking to 188 million in the last quarter, Snapchat needs something to reverse the growth trend. While other Instagram and Facebook applications have copied the Snapchat stories and visual messaging features, the Silicon Valley giant has yet to determine how to make premium mobile video content. If Snapchat can be the place for must-see television anywhere, it could attract new and agitated users in search of a relaxing escape from the competitive world of social media success theater.

Here is the complete list of new Snapchat originals:

  • Endless summer – Summer McKeen and Dylan Jordan try to balance love, friends, family and fame in this intimate snapshot of their lives in Laguna Beach. Produced by Bunim / Murray Productions. Docuseries – Release 10/10
  • Lies class The best friends and roommates of the university, Devon and Missy, solve cold cases in their successful podcast about real crimes. But can you solve the most important case of all when your best friend disappears without a trace? Produced by Makeready. Written – 10/10 release
  • Co-Ed – The juggling classes, the parties and the crushes in the hall, the roommates of first year Ginny and Chris do everything possible to face what the university offers them, discovering who they are on the road. Produced by Indigo Development, Entertainment Arts and DBP Donut. Written – 10/10 release
  • They lived – Vivian, the youngest explorer of the model agency Wilhelmina, takes us to an exclusive world in which she has the power to make the dreams of the aspirants come true, but can she do it herself? Produced by NBCU Digital Lab, Intellectual Property Corp. in partnership with Wilhelmina. Docuseries – Release 10/22
  • The detective agency The Dead Girls – This dark and supernatural comic soap follows Charlotte Feldman, a young woman who must work from beyond to discover how and why she died, to avoid an eternity in purgatory. Based on the novel for young adults of Susie Cox. Produced by Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts, Insurrection and Keshet. Writing – 10/22 release
  • V / H / S – The next generation of the horror anthology series brings four terrifying new experiences to the palm of your hand. Produced by Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts and Studio 71. Scripted – Release 10/28
  • Bref – Based on the French format, Bref (freely translated as "whatever") is the story of a single man who is trying to live his best possible life with as little effort as possible. Work title. Produced by Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts and Paramount TV. Written – TBD release date
  • Raising Bhabie – Follow the dramas of the growing sensation of rap and "get me out" of the viral star Bhad Bhabie, both on stage and outside. Produced by Invent TV. Docuseries – TBD release date
  • Growing is a drag Follow the dramas of coming of age of teenagers who drag the queens. Produced by Bunim / Murray Productions and PB & J TV + Docs. Docuseries – TBD release date
  • Stunt Brothers – Three reckless brothers obsessed with Hollywood movies recreate them at home with explosive consequences, and explore their stunt files of the last 20 years. Produced by Magilla Entertainment. Docuseries – TBD release date
  • Deep Creek – Follow the annual summer trip of a group of friends to Deep Creek, Maryland, but this year, everyone has emotional secrets to reveal. Produced by Woodman Park Productions. Written – TBD release date
  • #Lifetime – The romantic comedy about a young couple who decides to quit the rat race and start a new life in a 2004 Dodge Sprinter, only to discover the glamorous life they have been following through the hashtags is actually living in a van. Work title. Produced by Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts and above the average. Written – TBS release date


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