Sky: Been Britta Hofmann warm on holiday – colleague can't resist a comment

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Sky presents Britta Hofmann, as they know the audience.

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Sky presenter Britta Hofmann set her well-trained bikini body under the Florida sun. A pregnant colleague did not want to leave the Instagram record for the 38 year-olds who were not commented.

Update from January 8: Sky Sport News HD is looking forward to a new, moderate face. Miriam Sinno earned the job at a casting.

Sky presents Hofmann post warm beach picture

Munich – Sky presents Britta Hofmann (38) is always on top form when on vacation. A few days ago, the 38-year-old showed this in an Instagram post when she presented her corpulent body in a bikini on the beach. "Who needs some sunbeams?" Asked the beautiful presenter, looking at the horizon, her fans.

But the beautiful landscape is not for the Instagram user in the foreground. Instead, the focus is on the viewer on the body of the 38 year olds. And also Britta Hofmann's celestial colleague Esther Sedlaczek (33) cannot resist a comment about the character of the presenter. But no trace of envy. With the words "Uhlala. Beachbody on fire. My stomach can continue – not!" Reacted 33-year-old at the post.

Esther Sedlaczek expects a baby

The cause of Esther Sedlaczek's fuller stomach is also pleasant: The 33-year-old expects her offspring and puts her baby mage just before the turn of the year, but not as legitimately as her Instagram on Instagram scene.

On the commentary of the future mother, Britta Hofmann replied very sensitively: "Your stomach is beautiful!", Wrote the 38-year-old to his colleague.

On the other hand, thinking about competitiveness seems to be the order of the day for Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian. After Kendall shared a bikini image in the snow on Instagram, Kourtney wrote an almost identical picture just a little later. And while Britta, Kendall and Kourtney look healthy and look after their bikini images, fans are worried about the blonde, given a vacation photo by Lena Gercke.

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