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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Interactive fiction is an authentic maze that, in addition to testing the fans' patience to develop Stephen's history, engages with his secrets and efforts.

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Black mirror: Bandersnatch It has been a gift from Kings for the fans of the series produced by Netflix. Interactive fiction is an authentic maze that, in addition to testing the fans' patience to develop Stephen's history, engages with his secrets and efforts.

Precise followers who are "obsessed" with the different ways of solving the story have been put to work and have created a myriad of theories of Black mirror and especially Bandersnatch. (Read: How did the "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" labyrinth built)

Pax is a demon who stalks Stefan from the shadow while he is immersed in the story told by Jerome F. Davies and the control exercised by a demon with the figure of a lion: Pax ". This happens to Stefan when he urges Colin to jump on the balcony, the same paranoia murder as in Davies' book. Fan theory suggests that the demon & # 39; Pax & # 39; are the Netflix users themselves, We influence the decisions that Stefan must make through history.

One of the most commented hypotheses is that Stefan is prepared to resist certain penalties, a very common resource within Black mirror, as in the chapter White Christmas. The big difference is that Stefan does not delete memories of the history of medication, but instead bears memories of the last time. Therefore, according to this theory, wake up with a gasp every time it starts Bandersnatch. (Read: The 10 Keys to Understanding "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch")

White bear (in Spanish White bear) is a chapter of the series Black mirror issued in 2013, recognizable by the white symbol painted on the masks worn by the protagonists of the episode located in an amusement park, White Bear Justice Park. The torture of a person guilty of a crime became a macabre entertainment.

The slogan "Choose your own adventure", according to this theory, would be the way to torture Stefan on the crime he committed with his father. Repeat your own pest again and again with different endings.

This chapter in the series of Black mirror has certain similarities to the story of Bandersnatch. Netflix's fiction story takes place in 1984, and play test is developed in a technological future where the protagonist tests the resistance in a scary video game. It is not unreasonable to believe that this connection can be well-founded.

Thanks to all the & # 39; Easter Eggs & # 39; or surprisingly strategically located everywhere Black mirror: Bandersnatch, it is quickly deduced that there are connections of the universe Black mirror. Some theories suggest that these connections go beyond the fourth wall and are reflected in the real world.

The basis of the theory is that each episode is a video game like Tucker Soft, the company that develops video games in Netflix interactive fiction has released. Bandersnatch it is still a game where the spectators are moving forward, and perhaps the same movie fans may also be spectators of a game played by the character Colin Rickman. A complex puzzle where no answer has been found.

Another of the most refined theories connects two dystopias: in this case a Black mirror with another series called utopia, of arguments with some similarity to the one proposed by Charlie Brooker. in utopiaThe organization that operated in a scary way was "Network" (in Spanish, "La Red").

In one of the selections, if Stefan is chosen to enter the password & # 39; PAC & # 39;, he will discover all the monitoring his father has sent to him for years. Something similar to what the character of Philip Carvel does with the Janus sterilization series in his own son, Pietre.

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