Six successful players say goodbye to a tear reef

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The divergent winds continue in the series "One Liter Teardrop", which is monitored by Channel D. After the breakup of leading actor Sanem Celik, 5 more names played in the series farewell to the series.


After the separation of Sanem Çelik with a 4-year progress, Sanem Çelik will continue with his youth concept.

Required from real story

The series is actually a Korean series. At the age of 15, a series of dead back pain, Aya Kito's drama-filled life, was adapted for our country and began to be broadcast on Channel D displays.

Here are the names that say goodbye to the one-liter Tear series …

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Nur Sürer
Goncagul Sunar
Melis Hacic
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Erdal Bilingen

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