Singer Kehlani reveals that she is pregnant: "4 months and counting"

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Kehlani has finished keeping this secret!

On Friday, the 23-year-old singer gave her fans great news, revealing that she is four months pregnant.

"I've always been very open with you about my personal adventures and achievements … this was the hardest to hide," she wrote along with a series of smiling photos showing her growing baby bundle in a floral print bikini top. and low waist pants.

"If you know me, you know I've dreamed of motherhood since I was very young, when they ask me what my goals are, it's always the idea of ​​a happy and healthy big family, and whatever comes up is a point in favor" , continued the singer of "Honey".

"I feel very honored to receive this gift from the spirit, the creator and an incredible partner whom I trust with my body and my life after a very traumatic experience that made me fear interacting with men in general so I was sure that it would be forever (I'll tell that story when it's time), "he wrote, without explicitly revealing the identity of his son's father.

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Kehlani continued to offer some sweet words to his daughter on the way.

"I knew that sharing something so personal and precious could bring stress to my world, but there is not a word someone says in my own way that I can take this away from me, dear girl, I am very proud to be your mom," she wrote. "I can not wait to meet you, I know you'll be 50,000 times more special than I can imagine at the moment."

Continuing, he added: "I am pleased to document this trip and feel the freedom that every pregnant person should have. I am looking forward to sharing my little world with all of you … my association with my best friend, our conception journey, my choice for a natural home birth with my AMAZING midwives in @parteramidwifery and, finally, the little pumpkin! Now I am a home. 4 months and counting on you, my angel. SHE DOES NOT WANT TO HIDE, THERE IS NO SAME, we are so ready for you mija! "

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Kehlani also shared the happy news on Twitter and wrote: "I have a daughter. I. I. I! kehlani! I have a mini on the way. My partner is my best friend and, frankly, the only man on earth I trust. We are so ready for U MIJA !!!!!!!!! "

"The decision to share this with the world was difficult, but I really want to experience the freedom and joy that a normal pregnant person feels. I do not want to hide I want to walk around the belly everywhere. ME AND MY SHORT HERE! ", She additional in a separate Tweet.

Probably, when addressing some confusing comments, he added: "Imagine that thinking queer means lesbian and either means you are unable to have babies"



Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty

Earlier this year, the singer of "Honey" revealed that she identifies herself as queer, in a series of tweets now eliminated.

"Because I'm still asking Geddin … I'm weird, not bi, not straight, I'm attracted to women, men, REALLY I'm attracted to queer men, non-binary people, intersex people, trans people, lil poly pansexual Dad hello good morning, does that answer your questions? ", he wrote in April.

He continued in a second tweet, "and since we are in that … I am the LESS that I am attracted to heterosexual men, they are all really adorable sometimes … Bisexual men are really small gifts of God though".

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Days later, she explained why she deleted the messages. "My identification as queer was not the problem, it was the fact of being trans and intersex singular what sounded transphobic, ignorant and for some, it sounded like a festishization, what is completely wrong, it is not my intention, and something of regret me, "he wrote.

Kehlani left with the Boston Celtics player, Kyrie Irving. In March 2016, the singer shared an Instagram post now deleted in which she revealed that she had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

"Today I wanted to leave this land," he subtitled a picture of an intravenous one in his arm while resting in a hospital bed. "[I’m] Be completely selfish for once. "

"I never thought it would reach such a low point," Kehlani wrote. "But … Do not believe in the blogs you read … No one was cheated and I'm not a bad person … Everyone is injured and everyone is in a place of misunderstandings."


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