Simona Gherghe chose the name of the other child

adminJanuary 9, 2019

After wishing to celebrate today's celebrations with congratulations, Simona Gherghe told the viewers the name her baby will receive.

"And there are many who are celebrating in my family. Congratulations on the day Father, who is John, for many years, my mother, who is Joan … and for many years, baby! That's John. One of the names is John. , to keep the tradition in the family " revealed Simona Gherghe on "Direct Access".

Simona Gherghe started a new "direct access" season with an important announcement. The star confirmed Alex Velea's departure and thanked him for being next to him. "As you can see, I am alone today, and then I will be from now on. And even with this I will start the show this season as well. I would like to thank Alex Velea first and foremost in the last season to be a wonderful colleague Alex, you all know he's a successful music career, and it's hard to be good there and come to a two-hour daily schedule … it's pretty complicated so he chose to continue with the musical projects and I know from him that he is preparing something very loud, he tells us more, so thank you to Alex Velea and I tell him "Congratulations on the day", which Ionuţ knows, "Simona Gherghe announced on" Direct Access ".

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