Simona Gherghe chose the baby's name from her stomach. He revealed live on the show

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Simona Gherghe announced on live television what name she chose for the boy seems to help bring him to the world. Simona Gherghe and her husband chose a holy name for her son.

Simone Gherghe's son is called John

Simona Gherghe revealed that her son would call John, a tradition in their family.

"And for me in the family, there are many celebrations, for many years, father, who is John, for many years, my mother, who is Joan … and for many years, baby, he becomes John. To keep the tradition in family, "revealed Simona Gherghe, live on the" Direct Access "program, which she moderates on Antena 1.

When Simona Gherghe enters maternity leave

Simona aGherghe will go on maternity leave in spring 2019 because she will be born in May after the body is approached. As for "direct access," Simona said she didn't know exactly the date she wanted to take a break from moderating the show, but most likely this would happen in April 2019.

"I don't know, I didn't suggest. I'm fine. At Ana I went on vacation a little faster than it should because I really felt very bad.

It was the task I took it hard. I injected my stomach from the first day I was born. I did it to myself every night. 8 months and a little while I was responsible. Now I have no problem. It's up to how I feel, but now I'm fine, "said Simona Gherghe at Xtra Night Show in Antena 1.

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