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adminJanuary 11, 2019

JAKARTA – Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that Shopee's online store has released a TV commercial, "Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale Blackpink", which creates a controversy in December 2018.

Showing South Korean K-pop girl group Blackpink in what some people considered skimpy outfits, commercially asked Maimon Herawati to start an online petition at

In response to the problem, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission sent out warning letters to 11 broadcasting broadcasters for advertising, pointing out that all parties, including advertising agencies, manufacturers and broadcast services, must be cautious about creating content.

Almost a month has passed since the controversial commercial emerged in Indonesia. Shopee apparently learned her lessons and decided to challenge her creativity by launching a new advertisement.

With the same girl band, the new ad shows Blackpink members in different outfits. But unlike the previous TV commercial that showed the member's legs, the new ad, which appears on billboards and newspapers, uses illustrations for body parts below the waist.

Of course, this new Shopee Blackpink ad has received several responses.

Twitter uses @alrafikri posted, "The creator of Shopee's (new) advertising certainly has IQ (score) of 299".

"The emotion is very good. From a communication point of view, the agency is good, the message is (successfully shared). It makes me interested in shopping at Shopee," another user wrote @haneyeah on Twitter.

Shopee country's brand manager Rezki Yanuar told the Jakarta Post via e-mail that the company purposefully edited the ad to prove that creativity had no boundaries.

"In line with Shopee's (vision) to always innovate and try to improve, we cautiously edit the Blackpink ad to show all parties that creativity has no boundaries, and it really depends on the maker and viewer's point of view," Rezki.

Rezki believed that the controversy had taught the e-commerce company to be better, while ensuring that the company's creative values ​​could be appreciated by everyone without having to make opinions and prolong the debate.

He expressed his hope that the newly launched ads would motivate Shopee users, mostly millennia, to be better and more comfortable with what they have.

CPI Commissioner and Broadcast Program Coordinator Barely Stefano told the post via telephone that he had not yet seen or received feedback on the new ad.

When it comes to television advertising, it has not been clear that the CPI monitored broadcast content in real time and received feedback from the public.

Barely stressed that for Shopee's controversial commercial, KPI sent only a warning by seeing the possibility that the content could have broken Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Program Standards (P3SPS).

"The warning serves as a reminder to advertising agencies, manufacturers, and broadcasting services, to be cautious about creating advertisements so they don't create controversies or conflicts," he explained.

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