Shocked demands! Introduced in social media, hit the taxi

adminJanuary 8, 2019

According to the morning newspaper Dilek Yaman, singer Yusuf Güney, recently social media via the sea Ç. met a young woman. After the message, the couple met in a park in Istinye, and then to a luxury club in Bebek. The couple had fun until late, left the place and took a taxi to go somewhere else.

Due to the account of the nightclub in the cabin, there was a discussion. Again, according to the claim of the South, the young woman swears and insulting the consumption. Meanwhile, she tried to prevent the woman who wanted to get out of the taxi by holding her in the south.


Meanwhile, the double between the kick and the flap was thrown into a closeness. The young woman went to the police station and complained about the south. The survey was launched. While the study continued by Istanbul Bolu Bureau of Protection, Deniz.


When the woman gave up her complaint, the South decided not to prosecute. decision; in the middle of the survey because there was no complaint.

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