"Shi Chong: Hidden Figures" at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing

adminDecember 26, 2018

Chambers Fine Art, Beijing exhibits "Shi Chong: Hidden Figures."

Through January 26, 2019, "Shi Chong: Hidden Figures" is shown at Chambers Fine Art, Beijing.

Born in Hubei, China in 1963, Shi Chong graduated from the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts Oil Painting Department in 1987 and taught. He has been studying at the Art Institute of Tsinghua University since 2001.

The exhibition entitled "Hidden Figures" concentrates on fifteen works produced in 2015-2018, including ten oil paintings, two watercolors and three prints. Shi has continuously developed his language to paint for many years: his recent works, either groups of paintings such as "Disharmonious Album", single paintings such as AD 2019, muted paintings such as "Whisper II" or effervescent paintings such as "Expression IV," Is Embossed of greater freedom of movement, including dotting, stroking and rubbing the pigments. It took the artist five months to complete the "Disharmonious Album", where a variety of bags, materials and bodies are placed side by side, giving the viewers a sense of wholeness.

Shi was already known for his unique measurement method. He synthesized several art forms and combined a conceptual approach and performance with his exquisite painting technique, which offered a meeting with classical painting and contemporary art.

"As a continuous observer of Shi painting practice, Wu Hung has been interacting with Shi Chong since 1997 and included the latter in several important exhibitions he organized. Wu has the friendly consent to contribute an essay to today's exhibition. He tracks the development of his own interest. for Shi & # 39; s idiosyncratic style through several important group events, giving insightful comments to his current work, "writes the gallery.

The gallery collaborated with Shi Chong for the first time in 2004 when Wu Hung included him in a group event he cured at Chambers Fine Art in New York, "Intersection: Contemporary Oil Painting & Photography," which explored the relationship between the traditional medium of oil painting and photography. As a participating artist, Shi attracted great attention to his exquisite techniques and personal style. Years later, he has gone further and further in the path of "painterliness" and his style continues to evolve.

The exhibition is on display through 260 January 2019 at Chamber Fine Arts, Red No.1-D, Caochangdi Beijing, 100015, China.

For details, visit: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/chambers-fine-art/overview

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