Shepherd Heinrich is broken and needs half flocks of sheep!

adminDecember 29, 2018

Shepherd Heinrich (52) sits on a mountain of debt! The farmer who looks for a female cult candidate must draw his belt closer: He and his farm are about to destroy. For a while Heinrich has turned over every penny twice. To save costs, the passionate farmer has even sold some of his beloved sheep. But this measure was only temporary success: Now Heinrich must reduce his herd by half!

"My sheep is my family," said the 51-year-old in the interview pictureLack of constancy and helplessness is currently Heinrich's constant companions: "They are like brothers and sisters, and you do not put them so easily in front of the door." But in this situation, the shepherd has no choice but to be realistic: "But it just can't be anything else, my farm and my flock should shrink", Heinrich admitted quite openly and honestly – and now, with a heavy heart, he would consider which of his 340 animals would be given a new home.

To finally leave the red numbers behind, an expert is now: "I have hardly any cash left", Heinrich revealed and continued: "Therefore, a business consultant who wants to change farm completely, so I can finally solve the profitability.

Shepherd Heinrich in NRWMÜLLER, FRANK / ActionPressPhotos Gallery Button
Shepherd Heinrich in NRW
Shepherd Heinrich, "farmer looking for a wife" cult participantActionPress / MÜLLER, FRANK

Shepherd Heinrich, "farmer looking for a wife" cult participant
Shepherd Heinrich in August 2014ActionPress / MÜLLER, FRANK

Shepherd Heinrich in August 2014

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