She went from "monster" to the Miss France competition: the atypical race of the main favorites Vaimalama Chaves

adminNovember 29, 2018


The favorite of the Miss France competition this year has an atypical profile: 23, Vaimalama Chaves, Miss Tahiti, lived childhood overweight, to be called a "monster".

At 18 o'clock she weighed over 80 kilos. She has since lost 20.

"It was a nickname that specifically touched me, like the monster" or words like "you're fat you're ugly", "in life there are winners and losers and I do not want losers in my family," she told AFP .

"When we are in full identity construction, it is true that it is not easy to assume, but today I am grateful for living this in order to make money and get stronger," says it.

His career is even more followed as overweight affects 70% of adults in Polynesia, and even one child in eight years of age.

This is explained by poor eating habits, but also by genetic predispositions. This overweight contributes to the increase in diabetes and cardiovascular disease. And as an adult, polynesian women are more affected by obesity (55%) than men (38%).

Vaimalama Chaves, with blue, gray or green eyes according to the light, was chosen for Miss Tahiti in June, presenting at the Miss France competition on December 15, which she has the preference for several polls.

A contest that motivates her and as she does not hide her struggle for not getting fat. "I love desserts, fruit in pies and pastries, and chocolate first," she smiles.

"I love me more than before"

Sports sessions are daily, especially bodybuilding and cardio, but also surfing, to relax. And she also tells about painful sessions of palpate-rolling, a massage meant to destroy the fat.

"It's very addictive, physical and psychological, but I love myself more than before, that's what motivates me," she says.

The proprietor of a champion in charge, Vaimalama Chaves would be well-educated or become a community manager.

But above all, she wants to gain independence and travel. "When I see myself in ten years, I do not see myself as a couple, or become a mother: it's not my priority, in a world where resources disappear," she says.

The girl, born of a family of five children in a family tree, has always dreamed of traveling. Miss Tahiti, she chained them: Japan, New Caledonia, USA, France and Mauritius.

In Polynesia, Miss Tahiti is still an icon. In recent years, Miss Tahiti has often been Miss France dauphines, but never elected, to the Polynesian Chagrin. The last Miss Tahiti has donned the precious diadem, Mareva Galanter, Miss France 1999.

The candidates for Miss France are currently in Mauritius. They will then join Lille to prepare the election.

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