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adminOctober 11, 2018

Selena Gomez's best friend and kidney donor, Fraisa Raisa, seemed to inform the world about her anguish over the supposed emotional crisis of her best friend days ago. We have your sad message.

No other friend in the world is closer Selena Gomez that your BFF and kidney donor France Raisa. The 30-year-old woman posted a cryptic message about the anguish on October 6 and it has now been revealed that Selena, 25, has allegedly suffered a series of emotional health crises that have left her hospitalized. Four days ago, the actress published a series of five emoji with a broken heart, but did not give a clue about what was so sad. The fans asked him "What's wrong?" Please say you're OK "in the comments Now, with the news that Selena has supposedly been suffering both medically and emotionally, France seems to have given an early idea of ​​why she was so devastated.

TMZ reported on October 10 that Selena allegedly suffered two emotional crises in two weeks. Both reportedly exceeded the dangerously low white blood cell counts after their summer kidney transplant in 2017. The site reports that the first time was at the end of September when a member of her family took her to her home in Studio City, California. , to the Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where he spent several days.

The site says she was readmitted last week when she had another very low white blood cell count that supposedly sent her into an emotional spiral. TMZ reports that he wanted to leave the hospital and that he had a "collapse" and that he was "scared" by what doctors said the doctors believed was an "emotional crisis". The site reports that he is currently receiving treatment at the East Coast psychiatric center. Selena left social networks on September 23, and announced that she was taking a break to "take a step back and live my present life until the moment they have given me."

France Raisa

France Raisa

The moment of the tweet from France would have been at the time of the supposed second episode, so it is not surprising that she is deeply concerned about her friend. Selena learned from doctors in April 2017 that she needed a kidney transplant because of her lupus complications. Fortunately, her best friend turned out to be a perfect couple and saved the life of the singer. France must be very concerned if Sel has kidney problems again because he can not help her this time if she needs another transplant. Hours before TMZ broke its Selena story, France posted a cryptic "self-love" message in Instagram stories about "knowing its value" and how "someone needs to read this today."

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