"She forgot the pants?" Rania Youssef claims the controversy with a bold look at … Masrawy

adminNovember 30, 2018


Thursday 29 November


Rania Yousif soon triggered controversy on social networks, toped by the most popular Twitter list, after appearing in a daring dress at the Cairo Film Festival final ceremony on Wednesday in the Egyptian opera house.

The bold view of Rania during the ceremony had a long dress with bare shoulders and legs, in black, and the fabric Jouber transparent light and felt from the bottom and a piece similar to "bathing suit".

"Rania Youssef" was the top of the list of "Trend", and the pioneers commented on the appearance, some of them wondered the dress, and others thought it was always intentional to draw attention in contests and in the album attached to the top of Sushil Media's most sarcastic comments .

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