Shawn Mendes: Gay? "I'd like to say I do not care, but it's not true"

adminNovember 28, 2018

Like Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise in front of him, singer Shawn Mendes is often advertised as gay online. The 20-year-old artist gave an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone where he returned to these rumors that annoys him.

Talking about the stress to be rumored and often questioned about his sexual preferences, says Shawn Mendes: "I'd like to say I do not care, but it's not true. This great thing has swelled over the last five years of my assumed homosexuality. From the bottom of my heart, I feel the need to be seen by someone – a girl – in public to prove to people that I'm not gay. Although I know in the heart that it's not a bad thing to be gay, there's always a part of me who believe it and I hate that part."

Interpreter's Interpreter In my bloodthat we have a time together with Hailey Baldwin (Justin Bieber's wife) has tried a risky explanation of the reasons why people think he is gay, saying he grew up with 15 cousins ​​he combed her hair and combed her nails. "Maybe I'm a bit more feminine than average, but that's it. That's what makes me to me"he said.

Shawn Mendes sexuality sparked rumors when he accepted without hesitating Taylor Swift glittering over his eyes. The singer is also often represented in memes and guided tours on social networks where it also appears along with another star too often suspected of being gay … Nick Jonas.

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