Sharon Stone leaves the settlement negotiations to the left

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Sharon Stone was publicly invited to a settlement in St. Moritz in December. Yet she was not present.

There is light snowfall of minus eight degrees. In front of the Maloja Regional Court in Plazza da Scuola 16 in Grison's noble town of St. Moritz GR, other media people await Hollywood star Sharon Stone (60) as well as an eye-catching reporter. If she wants to make an appointment at 2 pm – her personal appearance was wanted in the official call – you didn't know in advance at the authority.

Plaintiff Alexandra della Porta Rodiani arrives punctually accompanied by her lawyer. One hour is scheduled for the meeting before the conciliator, but after 20 minutes they come out again. It's no sign of Sharon Stone, she shows St. Moritz's cold shoulder.


That's it: In December 2017, Della Porta hosted the charity event "One evening with Sharon Stone" for the film diva at the St. Moritz Kempinski Grand Hotel. The exclusive event gave money to the Stone's Planet Hope Foundation. A seat at the table of the Basic Instinct star costs 10,000 francs.

Since the gala was planned at short notice, fewer paying guests came as expected. Why exactly della Porta prosecutor Sharon Stone is not known. Just that it was a financial requirement that BLICK reported. Didn't Stone do the party's bill?

Agreement in case unlikely

When yesterday's mediation went out, della Porta or her lawyer would not answer. "No comment," said the responsible justice to peace Diego Schwarzenbach. In such a short negotiation time, it is unlikely to come from an agreement, especially since not all of the defendants were present. Without agreement, the plaintiff can go to the next higher court, as the case and the process will in principle be public.

St. Moritz's new mayor, Christian Jott Jenny (40), regrets the absence of Sharon Stone: "I'd like to meet her in a cage. The machine was ready!"

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