Shakira has new plans but cannot specify them by Piqu

adminDecember 27, 2018

Shakira is on the verge, and all he wants to do is leave Spain and settle in Miami, but the current situation for his partner prevents football player Gerard Piqu. According to Diario Gol, the Colombian singer will plan to sell for an important sum one of her most valuable traits to be able to buy another mansion for her and her family, far from headaches that suppose she should be in European countries.

But the plans have to wait because the father of his children has renewed with FC Barcelona until the year 2022. In addition, everything indicates that the Catalan star cares little about the problems his partner has with Fiscala who recently formally demanded it. It is rumored that interpreter Clandestino does everything to convince Piqu to accept the offers he received from the US League, MLS, to leave as soon as possible. But Piqu has not shown interest in playing in that country.

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The star facing a complaint filed against him by the Fiscala de Barcelona for six alleged tax crimes. She is convinced that the Treasury intends to use her as a scapegoat to scare the rest of the taxpayers.

According to the information from the communications office to the Colombian through a statement, she has already paid to the last euro required by the Tax Agency, and therefore has nothing to do with the Spanish state. In contrast to the version of Fiscala, the text ensures that the artist has collaborated with the agency and has presented all the information clearly and transparently, and that the singer himself offered to declare and this basic right is denied.

Fiscal sued against the beginning of the month Shakira for six crimes against the Treasury, accusing her of deceiving 14.5 million euros to pretend not to live in Spain and hide her income and claim that she lives in the Canary Islands. But Piqua's wife's defense ensures that between 2012 and 2014 there were no more than 183 days in Spain, she was a foreign citizen and was never a resident of Spain until 2015 when she began declaring tax in that country.

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