Sexy Insta comeback: Cathy Lugner shows breasts in the snow

adminJanuary 8, 2019

She's still the old woman! Cathy Lugner, 29, has had a social media break for the past three months – her fans have had to wait a long time for new, sexy pictures of her idol. A few days ago, the surprise came: reality TV reputation back with a lot of positive energy back to Insta, but relatively scarce. But the 29-year-old does not aim for a change in the picture – and therefore adds a cool Boob image!

on Instagram Once again, the once-known Big Brother participant presents itself in the usual, frankly way. In front of a winter snow scene, Cathy is photographed in a thick, fluffy jacket – and shows quite boldly, what hides under her garments: The blonde opens the robe and reveals the fans' lumpy cleavage – and plagues her tongue tough. "Unfortunate, as always," she writes to the post office. And the picture comes, "Please be you," "Cathy, you look amazing" or "snotty sweet-snout," were just three of her followers' loving comments.

Cathy's trailer can be relieved to see Richard Lugner (86) ex again so agile. The network breach took the influence of her health. In October, she had opened to her fans that she suffered from a circulatory disorder in the heart.

Cathy Lugner, TV publicityP.Hoffmann / WENN.comPhotos Gallery Button
Cathy Lugner, TV publicity
Cathy Lugner, formerly Celebrity Big Brother participantInstagram / cathy.lugner

Cathy Lugner, formerly Celebrity Big Brother participant
Cathy Lugner on his way to ViennaBurak Firat /

Cathy Lugner on his way to Vienna

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