SEX with Bozanka I want to broadcast VIRTUE! I want it for 2 million euros

adminNovember 28, 2018

For money, he is willing to do everything. Martin Jakubec tries to notify himself again. This is a very strange way. "Want to have an authentic video from our wedding day out of bed? You want to see that love is possible even in an advanced age. We offer you to see our romance out of bed if you pay us. We require to pay every million euros, we will. We do not care who will pay, either a person, a sponsor, a TV or a majority. Together for 2 million euros and live! May be a transfer to my account at US American Bank, " Jakubec wrote to us. When we asked him what potential opportunities it would be to guarantee that he actually did, he reacted as follows: "The guarantee is that the payer can be published and can remain anonymous. I always keep the word behind the word." And I fill the promise! "

Jakubec and Bozanka had a banquet at a restaurant in Bratislava Castle.

Jakubec and Bozanka had a banquet at a restaurant in Bratislava Castle.

Emil Vaško

Even when asked why he had decided to live with Bozanka, he had his answer. "I do that and we have agreed with Bozanka because people are hurting our people and just require evidence in the discussions under the articles that they will also see pictures from weddings, weddings and bed and amateur videos and also we can really do that … yes, We can do it! As I said, who wants to pay us 2 million euros, we get into it! "We tried to convince him to give a discount of at least one million but not to succeed. "One million is not enough because we need each and every advantage and profit. That means it's possible to agree, but hold it 1 + 1. If there was a major prominent interest in negotiations, we're willing to go down and agree, but not much, no more than 10 percent, "Jakubec added. Whether daredevils are found, it's very, very, very doubtful.


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