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The podcast & # 39; Origins & # 39; by James Andrew Miller went deep into the culture of the whole HBO phenomenon, and how the cast and crew imagine that the series would adapt by 2018.

James Andrew Miller origins podcast has been the source of a lot of Sex and the city bombs, including the revelation that the third movie planned to kill Mr. Big and delve into the conflicts surrounding the star Kim Cattrall.

Throughout three episodes, which included revealing conversations with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and the creator and producer of the show, Miller discovered even more about the show's culture, fight against sexism and adaptation. SATC until 2018. These are some of the most important comments of the podcast.

In the desire of the media to face the four female stars among themselves:

In light of the rumors and stories always spiraling about Cattrall's relationship with the rest of the cast, Parker noted that men rarely face the same pressure to be friends with their castmates. After spending 80 to 100 hours together every week on the set, Parker said he rarely spent time with Cattrall, Davis or Nixon after work, but that did not mean there was bad blood.

"What is so curious to me is that no one has asked me that about The sopranos"No one told Jimmy:" Hey, are you calling his name at night and hanging out and having dinner? Did you spend Christmas with him? Did you buy him a Christmas present? "Parker lamented. podcast "No, of course not, they went home with their families and their friends and their loved ones." The focus on our off-set interaction, of which there was no time, especially for me, was strange and sexist. , because it also suggests that there was a fight on the set, and I never had a fight with anyone in that set. "

Parker added that he "will never forget going to Germany at a press conference and the Germans kept asking me:" Are you buying a Christmas gift for Kim Cattrall? Did you get her a Christmas present? "And if I say No, we're in a fight, and if I say yes, that's not true. "

Davis described a similar battle, recalling how "we would literally work side by side in the sound stages to The sopranos guys, and we'd see you arguing, okay? And we would be like, does anyone ever ask them? And look, there were creative arguments or whatever, you're like a family with these people, so, of course, you'll have things that you do not agree with. It's not so crazy, it's not that weird. But when it comes to women, of course, then full articles must be written about it, and people have to be good and bad, which is crazy and distorted. "

In the program of the "suffocating" program Parker:

As he emerged from success on the big screen, Parker found it difficult to adapt to the intense filming program of a successful HBO television program.

"I panicked and said, 'I want to keep my life, I like to do some plays a year and a movie, and maybe a television movie of the week,' he told Miller about his initial doubts about paper. Even after assuming the role of Carrie Bradshaw, she still struggled, saying: "Suddenly, I felt as if someone was holding me hostage or something, or there simply were these limitations, which seemed very asphyxiating to me."

On the choice to finish the series after six seasons:

Michael Patrick King, who wrote and executive produced the series, as well as the two SATC The films said it was his choice to finish the program after six seasons, as he wanted to make it to the top.

"I told Sarah Jessica before the sixth season: & # 39; We're finished & # 39 ;. HBO did not want to finish, but I told Sarah Jessica, I think we should do one last season and leave, because we can no longer climb the wall without turning this into a different program, and this program is ready. ", explained the king. "She said:" Alright, I'm listening to you, I believe you, "and we went to HBO and said:" We're going to finish after six years, because we're done. "

About Chris Noth's real feelings about the two. Sex and the city films

Although he played the iconic Mr. Big in the entire series and in two films, Noth admitted that he was not a big fan of large-screen adaptations (where it was revealed that his real name was John James Preston).

"I really did not enjoy any of the movies, I really hate the cheesy stuff, and it could be because I'm a bit cynical," the actor said, specifically alluding to the final scene of the first movie, The Shoe Closet, as something he hated. . However, he does say that he was a "big fan of the series, and I hate to say this because I love Michael Patrick King, but I never really enjoyed movies, I thought they were sentimental as hell." Even humor did not do it. matches the series. "

On a possible restart and how the show would be different in 2018:

Although Sex and the city It was one of the biggest shows of the decade. Parker says he does not think it can be done today, calling it "a show of his time, it's a period piece."

The themes of friendship and love are true, but "I think everything about Big and money, the lack of diversity, the lack of women of color in the program, the vision of New York as this place of aspiration that It's much more for people with money, that's more of our time, I could not do that today, "Parker said. "Telephones, the Internet, the way we communicate, men and women, how they were approached, what was appropriate, what was not appropriate, those rules that do not even exist, now it would have to be a different story." But it was completely a history of its very specific time and place, its politics, the city, the money in the city. This is before September 11, everything is different. "

Nixon echoed the need for diversity, but said that the way in which wealth and social classes were represented would also have to change. She added: "One of the great things was the amount of feminine power that she showed, and then she showed the other side, I think that's something that Girls went even further, showed that even the female characters that we love and admire have sexual relationships that are really horrible and do not even want to have them, but somehow they are doing it. "Female empowerment is really real, but I think there would be a much deeper examination of the ways in which women find themselves in situations where they do not want to be."

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