Seth Meyers is infuriated with his own father for the jokes of Donald Trump "Late at night"

adminNovember 23, 2018

The host of "Late Night," Seth Meyers, once again invited his family to his program for a special Thanksgiving episode on Thursday. And now he may wish he had not.

In a comedy called "Back In My Day," Meyers' mother, Hilary, her father, Laurence, and her brother Josh tucked each other in as they took turns reflecting on what was best in their family past.

However, Meyers' father reached the top with a zinger over his comic son's frequent jokes about President Donald Trump.

"In my time, I slept well eight hours every night. Now, I have to stay up late to watch this show because Seth calls every morning and says "Did you see? I made a joke about Trump", he said blankly. "Did you do it? Way to change it!

Take a look at the clip above.

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