Series and films in January 2019

adminDecember 29, 2018

The holiday program on TV is almost over. Netflix and Amazon Prime will start the new year with some series highlights in the near future. An overview of what January 2019 will do.

Amazon Prime and Netflix are looking forward to next year. In January a lot of new movies, series and shows will come to the users. Netflix is ​​hit hard in January, with the streaming service growing weekly. So you're prepared, the highlights have already been picked out.

How it works for example for fans of the series "Star Trek DiscoverySeason Two starts on January 18, a Friday, and hardcore fans will surely consume the series in a Netflix way on a single weekend.

Also the series "Grace and Frankie" with Jane Fonda in the role of Grace returns January 18 with the fifth season.

New in the program is the series "Sexutdanning"with Act X star Gillian Anderson, who plays a sex therapist in it, all episodes of the first season are available from January 11. In addition, Netflix offers the new comedy series"Comedians of the World"From January 1, many stand-up artists from around the world will find a digital scene.

This is new on Amazon

Among other things, Amazon will delight its users from January 26 with the continuation of the moving family's story. "This is usComedian Bastian Pastewka is also part of the exclusive Amazon production. "PastewkaThe new episodes will be available from January 25th.

In addition, Amazon will show from January 18 the third season of the popular car show "Grand Tour"Season four is apparently already in the planning stage.

While Netflix focuses primarily on series and self-produced documentaries, Amazon is again in the new year many well-known blockbusters in the program. Amazon Prime members can watch these movies for free from January; everyone else pays a rental fee. However, the titles are often only available for a limited time. If you haven't seen these top movies yet, don't miss the chance:

  • "The Wolf of Wall Street": Leonardo DiCaprio in a parade role, from January 5, 2019
  • "Go out": Horror thriller with satirical impact, social criticism and surprising end, from January 7th
  • "I feel prettyComedy about oblique body ideals with Amy Schumer, from January 10th
  • "47 Ronin": Spectacular fantasy cinema with Keanu Reeves, from January 17th
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And for the little ones, Amazon will release three on January 25th Lego Movies by the model of popular cartoon films.

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