Sequence sector confused! – Halk TV news and live broadcast

adminDecember 28, 2018

The series had a 2-week break at the beginning of each year, as the circuit on futures. But this year it was a change, and it was learned that the channel was extended to 3 weeks with a joint decision. Viewers, you tell Black Sea, Pit, Female, Forbidden Apple will not see the series in 3 weeks. Some of the requirements for this decision began to be expressed in the series of the series. Increasing the cost of the series, the increase of the players and the narrowing of the advertising cake is one of the main problems.


With the introduction of the Internet, the frequent expansions of broadcast sequences to arrays, which were not monitored, left advertisers in a difficult position. Channels plan to switch to a paid system for a while. However, it is doubtful whether advertisers will be paid for the ads that will be published on digital media advertising

& # 39; TRT IS FOLLOWED & # 39;

Meanwhile, the TRT is especially for publishing historical series of writers and manufacturing companies spoken in the sector sent to the news. If this happens, advertisers will also insist on television advertising.


With these developments, it is said that the period of the major manufacturing companies and the stars "series that started many jobs in the sector began to end. In this case, players who signed a long-term contract with the construction companies will fall into a difficult situation, have to lower their stamps. Setting workers will find it harder to find a job, and TRT will carry the serial story to the next level cular

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