Selfie for two: Who is Bill Kaulitz posing so intimately with?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The Golden Globes took place this year in the name of love: German top model Heidi Klum (45) and Tokio Hotel musician Tom Kaulitz (29) appeared publicly for the first time since their involvement and even smooched for the photographers. And now this news from Los Angeles is surprised: Bill Kaulitz (29) is said to have released on the awards ceremony – Has the music finally found its love?

In his Instagram Story, as the singer recorded during the awards ceremony, the 29-year-old presented himself intimately and acquainted with an attractive young woman. Fans and fans wonder who the brunette woman is on Bill's side? The lady was the stylist Sara Alviti. She belongs to Heidi's personal beauty team. Already often, the two showed on the social media platform, which gave reason to speculate on a possible love affair. Just recently, Sara sent a snapshot that she commented on, "It's always magical with you."

It was not until the turn of the year that rumors spread that Bill wanted to sign up for the celebrity computer program Raya – which unfortunately gave him a rebuff! In the romance portal, only selected members should frolic. Therefore, each login is checked before you can switch through potential celebrity partners. So it is possible that the singer finally found her love without the help of an app.

Bill Kaulitz with Sara Alviti and a friendInstagram / saraalvitiPhotos Gallery Button
Bill Kaulitz with Sara Alviti and a friend
Bill Kaulitz at Berlin Fashion Week 2018Getty Images

Bill Kaulitz at Berlin Fashion Week 2018
Bill Kaulitz, November 2018Instagram / billkaulitz

Bill Kaulitz, November 2018

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