Selena Gómez or Ariana Grande dance that sweeps YouTube: millions in hours

adminJanuary 11, 2019

January 10, 2019

Selena Gomez He recovers the feelings of all his followers, according to his latest appearance. Example of Justin Bieber She is a very active girl in social networks and can be demonstrated in terms of the number of followers she has: more than 144 million.

Without a doubt, one of & # 39; celebrities & # 39; most popular Instagram, beat other American personalities like Ariana Grande or Kim Kardashian. A phenomenon that continues to grow and has now taken its place outside its profile.

The dance in Selena that destroys the network

And is it that the singer is the main character in the announcement of Pantene. The brand of hair care products has demanded the image of selena to publish their new products in Latin America.

In the video it is surprising for all the dances one of the hits of the North American, and that is the "petando" in all the discos on the planet. The music for & # 39; Taki Taki & # 39; Follows the advertising site where That girl It is the protagonist of warm colors and an atmosphere of joy.

IN video, Selena Gomez He wakes up with all the attitude and puts the radio where it sounds & # 39; Taki Taki & # 39;while she combs her hair in a pony tail, other girls live different stories, like their first day at school, risk changing their appearance, getting ready for a campaign or having fun with friends. then, Gómez He leaves his hair and goes to the recording studio ready to make a new hit.

Your fans, happy

After a long while outside the cameras, he returns with more strength than ever, and his fans thank him. They liked the announcement a lot, and some point out that it has swept to Ariana Grande, as it maintains a huge competition to attract the largest companies.

Ariana Grande 1

in Youtube It's already sweeping and promising to break all records. We see if the forecasts meet …

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