Selda Bağcan: They call me "not to interfere in politics"

adminDecember 28, 2018

Selda Bağcan: They call me "not to interfere in politics"

In Eskişehir, Selda Bağcan gave a concert of minus 2 degrees and said, I'm like a satirical guy. Ben as I am protest songs. Can her name already be on. protesting music of the said.

WALL – Eskişehir Tepebaşı municipality arranged a Tep Selda Bağcan New Year's concert Bağ in Eskibağlar Quarter, on the open parking lot of the university street. Selda Bağcan, who gave a concert in minus 2 degrees of coldness, sang songs in addition to electric ovens set on stage.

The concert was attended by Mayor Tepebaşı, Ahmet Ataç, as well as hundreds of people. The enthusiastic crowd shook Turkish flags distributed to them before the concert and followed Bağcan songs.

Metin Akpinar and Mujdat Gezen, "offended the President of the Republic after being taken from the police by the police because of their testimony after expressing the extinction of judicial control in the Baghdad process," said two hangers who completed the artist. Do you know what someone wrote? He said, you can't get involved in politics, disturbing you. I'm a protest singer. He is already in his name. I do protest music, the world class name for the protest music. (Eskisehir DHA)

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