Seitel gave Helene Fischer "special attention"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Jennifer Lopez, Madonna – and now also Helene Fischer. Again and again, pop stars fall in love with their dancers. "Let's dance" the jury Joachim Llambi has an explanation for this.

Helene Fischer (34) wants to combine more than just a collaboration with her stage partner: After the breakup of Florian Silbereisen (37), the Schlager Queen, according to insiders, is a member of Berlin Aerial Acrobat Thomas Seitel (33). He has been fishing regularly in the air since 2017.

The "breathless" singer is one of many female pop stars who fell in love with their stage partners: Madonna (60), who, for example, came together in 2010 with the dancer Brahim Zaibat (32). The relationship with the pop diva and the French was for three years. After that Madonna and Timor Steffens (31) were for a year – also a dancer.

Jennifer Lopez (49), like Madonna, lost her heart several times to her dancers: in 2001 she married Cris Judd (49). From 2011 to 2016, singer On-Off was together with the dancer Casper Smart (31). Britney Spears (37) also gave her formerly employed "yes" word: In 2004, she married Kevin Federline (40) and took the two sons Sean (13) and Jayden (12). Céline Dion (50) joined Spaniard Pepe Muñoz (32) in 2017 after kicking on his European tour. Mariah Carey, 48, started a five-month relationship with Bryan Tanaka at the end of 2016 (35).

Dancers score with pronounced body awareness

But why do pop stars fall in love with their dancers? "Let's dance" expert Joachim Llambi (54) has an explanation. He says to "Image": "As a dancer, you have a strong body consciousness, a special attention to the dance partner and perhaps a charisma that differs from other men. It can be the advantage for women."

Did Helene lose her heart to Thomas because he gave her this "special attention" on stage? In a TV interview with the HR show "Maintower", Seitel said in January about his performances with Fischer: "I am her grip and her safety. At that moment, I am responsible for two lives." And: "We definitely have a lot fun in the air. "(Kad)

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