Seer reveals the identity of Maluma girlfriend (Video)

adminDecember 26, 2018

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So the visionary Desiret Tavares I want to mention some details about sentimental aspect by the artist Colombian musical Maluma , who himself said he would maintain a hidden relationship with the singer Good tube, the interpreter of "Happy 4"he used his account Instagram Let all your fans know who is responsible for brightening the days.

Therefore, he did not hesitate to share differently pictures where he leaves accompanied by his pet, called Yoga, who ended up stealing the light because he made him pass a little scare to the interpreter of "Mala Mia"during the session.

"I tried to take a picture and #YOGA did it much better," wrote the Colombian singer Maluma in your account Instagram, social network where it has just over 37 million followers, which highlighted the fun that the images are seen. While others sent a greeting at Christmas.

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"Always Beautiful Vacation and God Gives You Everything You Deserve", "It's the Best Picture", "Your Best Pictures", "What a Beautiful Dog It Looks Like a Big Hair", "Beautiful Puppy", "You're the One artist most talented in the world "," I love these pictures, they look so cute and united. I loved it, "" Wow. I love these pictures. I love you Maluma, and I love animals "," How Big is Yoga, "commented the audience to the interpreter of" Happy the 4 ".

The sexual orientation of Maluma It has always been a controversial problem, because when it reached international fame, the famous Colombian reggaeton player went through a major change of image, from a classic reggaeton look to a hair long and blonde with ostentatious accessories.

Reach his rumors "homosexuality"They get strength again and they even know the name of theirs possible boyfriend.

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According to Cuban Desiret Tavares, after his retirement for a while from the stages, Maluma will accommodate his ideas and come back with statements about his sexuality. "It reminds me how 8 or 10 years ago, when Ricky Martin retired to Tibet for a year, he came back and pulled on the closet," said the esoteric about the 24-year-old reggaeton player.

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