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adminNovember 24, 2018

She is so wild! Kendall Jenner mocked Sister Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, during the Cleveland Cavaliers game on November 23, and the fans loved their playful trivial talk!

While Kendall Jenner He was supporting his man, Ben Simmons, during the Philadelphia 76ers game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on November 23, he was also casting a shadow over his sister Khloe KardashianThe boyfriend Tristan Thompson. A fan of the audience actually caught Kendall in the video booing Tristan while taking a shot from the free throw line. But she also seemed to be laughing, so we thought she was just playing when she talked trash. They put her in an uncomfortable situation because her boyfriend (Ben), who was again / away, was in a team and his sister's father (Tristan) was in the other, but he certainly took advantage of the situation. (Watch the video below!)

Sadly, Ben's team lost, so Kendall's boo did not really seem to affect Tristan or the Cavaliers. And he imagined Tristan cheerfully greeting Kendall on the sidelines (SEE THE PHOTOS HERE), so he did not seem offended by his trash talking. However, we can not say that the Sixers fans were so happy to see Kendall sitting on the court. They blamed her for the loss of the team, citing the "Kardashian Curse". But even so, fans of both teams loved this video of Kendall booing Tristan.

"This is the funniest saga I've seen in a long time," wrote one Instagram user, while another said, "Oh, I love it." Another commentator said that the video was "incredible", and believe it or not, Khloe also agreed! After Khloe saw the clip, she went to Twitter to respond, saying: "Look at my baby Heckler. 👀📢 I'm dying when Kenny tries heckle on bass bass! #It is work not worked.

Fun! We love the friendly rivalry that this family has when it comes to sports. As we said, Kendall was just having fun, so there's no reason for anyone to get upset about his booing Tristan.

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