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adminJanuary 8, 2019

Faded online izle, Fuslat full izle, Vuslat. Part 2 of the Vuslat series of TRT 1 displays released today is already a matter of curiosity.

Aziz is the only leader on the team that his father and mother make powerful and they play Allah's game in their own world. From the moment she falls in love with Feride, she begins to ask herself and I. A man in the position of Saint needs to give up.

Feride; He lives with his father, grandmother and siblings. With Faik Süheyla she runs the tailor-made store she opens with Hasibe, and she never manages to catch up with her endless wishes and children. To support his father, Feride begins to work in a boutique for the money. father daughter to support the house.

Feride testifies to a murder of the night of the saints, which he explicitly concealed. He is determined to complain to the police. When Feride goes to the police, she learns that her brother Fira is also in the corporate environment. The weekend, alone, is strong enough to crush this girl as an insect. Feride doesn't know what to do.

In this mixed period, Aziz will fall in love with Feride; Although Feride is also interested in Aziz, his pride will prevent him from approaching Aziz. Two lovers are in an obstacle as they overcome themselves first. If they accept their love, they will meet this law's impossibility.

Born in Germany and Turkey for 15 years with the family to portray the characters returning to Kadir Aziz East, authoritarian role should be cautious, charismatic, as the heir to managing the family business.

Doğulu, who will be the native state of the concept of being in love with Vuslat, says Aziz: In the series, stories of impossible love such as Leyla and Mecnun, Kerem and Aslı were inspired. The character I play with falls in love with himself and starts asking questions. This love also requires that most of the Saint position give up most of them

A23 Media is the chairman, Murat Onbul sits in the director's chair, the script written by Kadir Dogulu, Revolution Ozkan and Mehmet Ozgur. Gamze Süner Atay, Erdem Akakçe, Özcan Varayl, laeyla Halis, Gözde Kaya.

Wobbly, based on the adventures of the "love journey anc, which is designed to be oyun good people U, will explain the human states of the characters with the play Un Satranc-i Ufafa un of Ibn Arabi.

A mysterious dream, a bell from the past and a dark event connects Aziz and Feride. Aziz, in conducting an important business deal, is experiencing excitement with his half-brother Kerem. While Feride is concerned about her father, she learns a truth about her brother Fırat. Salih introduces an ancient wisdom to the neighborhood. Feride's father, Faik, faces an event.

Cast Cast: Kadir Dogulu, Devrim Ozkan, Umit Kantarcılar, Baran Bölükbaşı, Özcan Varaylı, laeyla Halis, Gözde Kaya, Erdem Akakçe

Born in Germany, Turkey and the 15-year-old family who want to revive the characters that come back with Aziz Kadir East, authoritarian role should be careful, charismatic, as the heir to managing the family business.

Doğulu, who will be the execution of the concept of hic lovers within Vuslat, tells Aziz: Launched in the series, the stories of impossible love like Leyla and Mecnun, Kerem and Aslı were inspired. The character I play begins to set itself and its life from the moment he falls in love. But this love also requires many to give up for someone in the position of Saint. Iyor

The rubbish series players

Produced by A23 Media, Murat Onbul in the director's chair, the script was written by Kadir Dogulu, whose lead was directed by Betul Yağsağan in Kadir Dogulu, and Ozden Ozgur and Mehmet Ozgur in the catalog of hope series Kantarcılar, Pelin Uluksar, Baran Bolukbasi, Serra Pirinc, Gamze Süner Atay, Erdem Akakçe, Ozcan Varayl, Eyla Halis, Gözde Kaya.

Wobbly, based on the adventures of the "love journey to become an oyun good man U, will describe the human states of all the characters of the Satranc in the Urefa Ibn-i Arabi game.

Who is Kadir Doğulu?

Kadir Dogulu was born on April 19, 1982 in Mersin as the second son of a family of five children. His real name is Abdulkadir Doğulu. Her mother is a housewife and father is a retired employee. Kadir Dogulu has a management company. His older brother, Kemal Doğulu; Hand Yener, Seda Sayan, Sila, Kutsi, Gokhan Ozen, Nil Karaibrahimgil, Demet Akalin have completely designed the images of names like. Kadir Doğulu, middle school and high school years spent work.
In 2000 he came to Istanbul with his brother. First she got a job at Frisco. Then he worked in Refika. She served as a waiter at Cafe City and Buz. He cooked bread in the kitchen on Saturdays in Salomania and cooked breakfast. He gathered cafes and restaurants in Barcelona and Rome. He tasted the food there. Turkey House Cafe again went to work. He worked as a businessman for two years.
He met his older brother Hande Yener at that time. Soon after, this confession became love.

She worked as a production manager at The House Cafe in Ortaköy in collaboration with singer Hande Yener. He also ran the Harbiye Night Market.

He studied gastronomy at Okan University.

In 2010, he began playing in the "Little Secrets" series. In 2011, Gani played in the series called Pis Yedili diz, which was written by Müjde.

Neslihan Atagül and Sadullah Celen, directed by Peyami Safa and directed by Peyami Safa in 2013, played the leading role with Yunus Emre Yıldırımer in the "Fatih-Harbiye" series.

Ziynet Sali, Emre Aydın, Armağan Çağlayan and Ömer Karacan are members of the jury for the 2 million TL-awards song contest called layan Star Işığı X Factor J. The presentation of the competition was made by Kadir Doğulu.

Dark Fenerbahce Kadir Dogulu, going to the theater, doing sports, cycling motorcycles.

In January 2015, the winner of the "And Winner" competition, which will be released in Star TV, will be Kadir Doğulu. Kenan Doğulu and nemebnem Ferah will be in the jury.

Kadir Doğulu, Elçin Sangu and Mustafa Avkıran took the lead in the series "Sevdam Alabora", which will be played on the Atv screens in 2015.

Movies and TV Shows:

2015 – Sevdam Alabora (series)
2013 – Fatih-Harbiye (series)
2013 – I have a story (cinema)
2011 -2012 – Dirty Seven (series)
2010 – 2011 – Small Secrets (Series)

See Whisper's Full Profile

Devrim Ozkan was born in 1996 in Muğla. After studying at the Department of Theater at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University Bodrum Fine Arts Faculty, Devrim Ozkan succeeded in becoming one of the new generations who attracted attention with his beauty and acting performance, despite being a name we have just seen on Turkish TVs.

Devrim Ozkan's first working experience

Devrim Ozkan realized his first-ever experience with his well-known cast and Rüya series, which is a remarkable production.

Devrim Ozkan, who is part of the rally series Rüya, which is one of the notable productions of the 2017 summer season, has been one of the most popular faces on the screen with this series.

Working in the dream series with such successful names as Ceyhun Mengiroglu, Hazal Filiz Kucukkose, Ozge Ozder,.


Umit Ibrahim Kantarcılar, October 10, 1987; Antalya, born in Turkey, the Turkish theater actor and series.

The famous actor was born October 10, 1987 in Antalya. He started theater with school theater. Later he played in the Antalya Municipal Theater. He was awarded for his violinistic performance in the Antalya Municipal Theater. In 2005, she entered the Müjdat Gezen conservatory. After graduating from the MGSM, she began playing in the Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater. Kantarcılar 2014 with her colleague Gamze Topuz entered the world's house.

Written and directed by Gani Müjde, he played Ceyhun in the youth and comedy series Pis Seven. She also hosted the Girls and Mothers Contest.

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