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In the hours after Stan Lee's death, and probably over the next few days and weeks, there has been a tremendous outpouring of love and remembrance for the comic and the entertainment icon. From actors and the most powerful players in Hollywood, to comic writers and fans, it seems that everyone has taken the time to offer their thoughts, memories and photographs of Stan Lee as a way to share our collective pain and celebrate their lives. Marvel also created a sweet tribute to the man whose life will have a lasting impact. Have a look.

I'm not crying; Like Matt Murdock, created by Stan Lee, I have something in my eye. Marvel created a beautiful tribute here that honors Stan Lee's legacy through the words of those in the company he helped build. Instead of focusing on his cameos or the success of his characters on the big screen, the Marvel tribute video reminds the man himself and the impact of his work.

Many of those who have never read his comics probably know Stan Lee for his brilliant appearances in the Marvel films, but this tribute video shows old photos of him in his youth, creating Marvel, which became a global brand, and They are really great to see. From his presence at Comic-Cons and on the red carpets, the video shows that Stan Lee has always had a contagious smile on his face and an unbridled enthusiasm for storytelling.

This video from Marvel Entertainment & # 39; s Twitter The account touches a lot of what made Stan "The Man" the star he was and why the worlds and characters he created were so durable. As Tom Brevoort says in the video, Stan Lee's best creation was himself, with a bigger personality than life that made him a fan of comics and, finally, of the general public.

Marvel highlights the creative genius of Stan Lee, who saw him impregnate his superheroes with humanity and failures, one of the distinctions that distinguish Marvel superheroes. That humanity existed throughout his work, with his allegorical stories that speak of the problems of the real world of the time.

That audacity also extended beyond the panels, as Stan Lee spoke directly to readers through his soapbox, defending the importance of diversity and equality. These ideals are symbolized by their co-creations of X-Men and Black Panther, and part of what makes them so relevant today.

In the video of the tribute, Sana Amanat de Marvel says: "There will never be a world without Stan Lee" and she could not be more right. The characters and stories of Stan Lee built a company in an empire and are now permanent basic elements in pop culture. The closest analogue is Walt Disney, with whose company Marvel now walks hand in hand.

Stan Lee's cameos in the movies reminded us of his constant presence, one that will not fade with his step, with his eternal creations that will constantly remind him. Thanks to his own efforts and the success of those who followed him, Stan Lee became a myth while he lived and tributes like these add to his legend now that he's gone.

I think Brody from Jason Lee said it best in Kevin Smith. Mallrats when, upon meeting Stan Lee, he exclaimed: "Man of shit, you are a god." Indeed. Godspeed and Excelsior!


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