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adminOctober 10, 2018


Jimmy Kimmel joked about the upcoming White House summit between Kanye West and Donald Trump on his Tuesday night show, where he also pointed to a hilarious double standard from Fox News' Sean Hannity when it comes to hip-hop.

"On Thursday, the doors of the White House will open to receive nothing less than Kanye West," Kimmel said. "The president of the United States is having lunch with Kanye, now there's a Devil's Triangle for you, I'm just one who would buy that lunch on pay-per-view, I'd love to see what they're talking about."

Kimmel then noted that the rapper and the president would probably discuss "prison reform, gang violence and how good it feels to download like a maniac on Twitter."

Kimmel also pointed to the hypocrisy of Sean Hannity in unearthing some archive clips from Fox News' show when the rappers were previously invited to Obama's White House. While Hannity rebuked Obama in 2011 for inviting Common to the White House: "This is not a good message for our children," Hannity said of Common's invitation: the host welcomes West with open arms.

"Kanye West is positioned for freedom of thought and freedom of expression, we should all support this," said Hannity.


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