See .. Dina El Sherbini: Mabrfh I cooked but sweet soul .. And I ate meat and chickens forever

adminNovember 27, 2018

The star revealed "Dina Sherbini" who stopped eating meat and chickens in the final food and continued: "If I saw a sheep, he could love him for a reason. And the rabbits are beautiful and mom said de cats. And I ate meat and chickens but the heroine. "

She added that cooking is not a difficult task, especially that she has a good memory of knowing something she can do.

In another context, Dina El Sherbini confirmed that she wants to participate in the film "The People of the Cave" by Amr Arafa and Ayman Bahgat Qamar's letter, pointing out that she is happy to participate in this film because she will be the star of Mahmoud Hamida, Zaky Amir Karara, Ahmed Ezz and Sheriff Mounir, and continued: "I want to participate in another action film, but it's still an idea to write and put the latest features."

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