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adminJanuary 10, 2019

Foo Fighters started in 2019 on a shaking foot. The band played their first concert of the new year on Wednesday night, and set a show at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas as part of CES 2019. Everything seemed to go well for the front man Dave Grohl tried to be the cool stone guy We all know he is and slipped up – literally.

Grohl rocked a guitar solo as he sank across the stage again to a bar in front of the crowd. He jumped down and asked for a beer, which he put on top of a speaker at the head. First, he tried to take a hands-free sip just to predictably beat the beer over. He turned up quickly, caressed his lips and cut down the warehouse. Rockstar!

The problem came when he tried to get up on the stage – and immediately fell off.

Fans in the crowd probably had an immediate setback to 2015, when Grohl broke his leg after a stage fall in Sweden. He finished the concert and played the rest of the tour in a throne. When Foo Fighters returned to the Scandinavian Nordic country last summer, Grohl pranked the audience by having a look that seemed to fall off the scene.

This time, fortunately, the front man turned out to be free of damage – even though beer slips may have boasted with the speaker. The band called out JBL in an Instagram post earlier today, so maybe the publicity makes everything square:

Foo Fighters has many more concerts that come up to get it right. Their itinerary includes stops at music festivals such as Reading and Leeds, Sonic Temple, Hurricane & Southside, and Lollapalooza's introductory event in – you will not know – Stockholm, Sweden.

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