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adminOctober 11, 2018

Drake and Bad Bunny celebrate and play dominoes in the "Mia" video, a long-awaited collaboration that came out on Thursday. This is the sound of two stars in the cruise control: the instruments consist of an airy synthesizer and a shrill vocal sample; A constant-bore drum ensures that DJs can detect this in the club.

Bad Bunny alternates between staccato rap and low register voice singing, encouraging a woman to ignore her other admirers. Drake also contributes with a verse in Spanish before giving attention to his Puerto Rican co-star.

This is not the first time that Drake sings in Spanish: he also tried bilingual pop in Romeo Santos' hit "Romeo Santos", which reached number 45 on the Hot 100; This will surely debut much, much higher.

"Mia" has been working for some time. Bad Bunny and Drake insinuated the song on Instagram earlier this year; In September, they were seen filming the video together in Miami. In the clip, the stars dance and play dominoes at a house party full of people. Bad Bunny wears an impressive pair of striped overalls.

Bad Bunny has kept a busy agenda this year, touring the US. UU And at the same time finding time to record the characteristics of Cardi B ("I Like It" reached Number One in the Hot 100), Nio Garcia and co. (the "Te Boté" of a billion points of view), Arcangel (the "Original" that hits hard), Pacho (the upward trap hits "As I Am") and Marc Anthony (the ridiculous "It's Rich").

He is also putting together his official debut, working on music with the great producer Tainy. The album does not have a release date yet.

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