Season 8 of & # 39; Game of Thrones & # 39; will have a special meeting, according to Sean Bean

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Prepare: A game of Thrones The meeting is approaching Sean Bean actor shed Sean's beans The Hollywood Reporter that game of Thrones Season 8 will have a special meeting organized by Conan O & # 39; Brien, and – wait, what? (When Bustle asked for a comment, HBO said they did not have any additional information to share, O & # 39; Brien representatives directed Bustle to HBO for comments).

THR I spoke with Bean about his next role in Medici, a series previously starring Richard Madden – AKA, Robb Stark, Bean's former son on screen. That's how the conversation turned into. game of Thrones first. When the interviewer asked Bean if he kept in touch with his former costars, he let it slip that he had just seen them all. In Belfast. In a special meeting. After game of Thrones Season 8 wrapped.

"I've only seen them a couple of times, the last time was about four weeks ago in Belfast, Conan O & # 39; Brien did this, it was the last episode, so we all got together, it was good, it's fun." With work, you really do not keep in touch. "

Then he tried to cover it by rambling about what is a busy profession acting. Fortunately, the THR The interviewer was not intimidated, pressuring Bean to get more information about this meeting never seen before. Special meeting, including:

Yes, it was for the eighth season, the last one. So they decided to gather all the characters for a moment for this great show in Belfast and he organized the evening.

What! Is! Happening! We are going to break this together.

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HBO has not announced a game of Thrones special meeting As much as fans know, HBO has never commissioned or filmed one in the past. The big reunion shows are usually kept for, say, nightly or special one-hour talk shows, and that's several years after getting off the air. Gathering the cast and crew for a big event shortly after the filming concludes sounds more like a later party. A thoughtful one! But even so, it sounds more like a personal meeting event sponsored by HBO than a "special meeting" in the way fans expect now.

Except for the key detail: Conan O & # 39; Brien. What would a night presenter do as a master of ceremonies for a reunion show if was not goes to the air? Not even necessarily on HBO, but maybe on TBS, which is where Conan It airs on week nights. But even that does not make sense, because Conan it's moving to a half-hour format in 2019. Also, yes, the name "Conan O & # 39; Brien" is as Irish as it is, and it's a big fan of the show. It's not impossible to believe that HBO hired the writer, comedian and host to make sure everyone in the game of Thrones the meeting had a great time saying that, it is much more likely that Sean Bean missed the opportunity that HBO has planned a special meeting for after game of Thrones ends in 2019

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Without a statement from HBO, the game of Thrones The runners of the show, or even Conan O & # 39; Brien, the fans can not know for sure. Based on Bean's interview, sure sounds Just like the network had a special meeting planned. As Thrones Fans heard this news for the first time so casually that it could really go either way. On the one hand, maybe it's not really a big problem; maybe this I was Just a little meeting for the cast and crew, and that's why Bean thought about mentioning it. However, perhaps the reason why nobody found out was because Bean was supposed to keep that information to himself. At this point, fans will probably have to wait until next year to be sure.


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