Season 3 with infused cults of Riverdale could be your best and most mysterious

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This post contains spoilers for the Riverdale Season 3 premiere.

After a tortuous and uneven second season, Riverdale the fans had the right to distrust season 3. But happily, the CW welcomed the fans to this mysterious series of soaps on Wednesday with an episode filled not only with all the usual tastes: teenagers in love! Dialog campy! Mark consoles with immaculately designed outfits, but also with new treats, including a mysterious "Gargoyle King" and a cult that allows Betty's mother and sister, Polly, to levitate babies in a fire.

Other changes are also in store for the series: Archie Andrews will be behind bars, at least for an episode or two more. Veronica has broken all ties with her father, while the dynamics of her and her mother continues to be increasingly interesting. And Betty ended the Wednesday premiere convulsing in shock. The series is at its best when it divides its focus evenly between the personal relationships of these characters and their crazy adventures, and so far, Season 3 is doing just that. You are also setting up many burning questions, starting with this:

Who or what is the Gargoyle King?

Towards the end of the Wednesday premiere, a nervous Dilton approached Jughead with an urgent message about the Gargoyle King, someone he thought was just a character in a role-playing game, until he knew that the King was real. Although Jughead did not find the Gargoyle King lurking in the woods (after all it's only Episode 1!), He discovered the next most spooky thing: Dilton and his friend Ben, kneeling before an altar with strange carvings on the back. Dilton did not answer; Ben was throwing up what appeared to be green soap for dishes.

The King of Gargoyles will be important this season; Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa He has already shared a grim image of the character on Twitter, calling it "frightening, bloody, dark and twisted." We also know that it has horns or rabbit ears; It's hard to tell when you're working with a silhouette.

What the hell is going on in "La Granja"?

Polly Cooper and her strange cult story seem to be paying off in record time this season. As you may recall, in the typical finale of last season, Betty and Polly's mother, Alice, was distressed to learn that her husband was the murderer "Black Hood". Then, Polly came with the twins and offered Alice help, specifically, a visit from her "friend" to "The Farm," which definitely sounded like a cult. The image of Alice and Polly floating Polly's twins over a bonfire seems a confirmation, unless Betty was hallucinating.

It seems inevitable that whatever it is that is plotting "The Farm" and the friend of Polly, Edgar, somehow it will be intertwined with the King of the Gargoyles; Jughead, after all, discovered that Dilton and Ben were hunched in front of that altar just before Betty saw the baby grill in the air. Maybe Edgar is the King of Gargoyles. Maybe it's another of Betty's alter egos. Or maybe this season will have two Mysteries for the price of one. In any case, Riverdale It is becoming more supernatural than ever.

Will Archie spend the rest of this season in jail, after pleading guilty to murder?

If this were the real world, probably! But since it is Riverdale. . .

Let's be clear: Archie chose to accept a deal in exchange for pleading guilty, as his mother and lawyer Molly Ringwald I tried to tell him, very silly. Even for a character as prone to baffling options as Archie Andrews. But in the world of Riverdale, Teenagers prosecuted for murder also have free weekends to hang out with family and friends, so Archie does not seem too long for Juvie.

That said, it's inevitable that Archie finds himself someone important while behind bars, although I can not think of obvious options. Maybe he and some imprisoned Serpents can come up with a plan to help the newly installed Serpent King Jughead recover some of Penny Peabody and Ghoulies. Either way, anything, even Morose Prison Archie, surpasses Weird Fascist Archie.

Does Jughead and the Serpents have a chance?

It does not look very good, although at least Hot Dog, the adorable stray dog ​​from the southern snakes, is alive and well after its capture by the Ghoulies. Jug and the Serpents rescued their dog in distress and, in doing so, provoked the Ghoulies and their new leader, Penny Peabody, who is working with Hiram Lodge to take over the south side for nefarious purposes. Now, Penny has proclaimed that the north side is a fair game in the war of the Ghoulies against the Serpents, and Jughead does not really seem to have a plan, or any real idea that he's dealing with. This does not bode well.

On the positive side, Jughead has Betty as his Serpent Queen. Their. . . It is not yet clear what really medium, but Betty insists that the Queen of the Serpent is a warrior queen, so she will be at Jughead's side during all her future gang night encounters. He will probably want to follow his girlfriend closely, since Penny has named Betty as his target. If Jughead, Sweet Pea and the rest of their Serpent companions do not take action soon, they will not be able to stay, but like Jug's father, FP, he reminded his son: "You are a Serpent by blood, and no one can take it from you nor to none of us. "

Where in the world is Cheryl Blossom?

The greatest premiere mystery of all! Of course, the favorite character of the fans appeared a couple of times: he swam with his girlfriend, Toni Topaz, and stopped in the back of a truck during the rescue mission of Hot Dog, wielding a bow and arrow in what it can only be described as "Bra- and in the warrior mode of the leather jacket". However, this premiere could have used a higher dose of the most daring redhead of this program and its seemingly endless supply of one-liners. Actually, hit that: Riverdale He always needs more Cheryl.

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