Scott Disick levels with Kim Kardashian about the situation of Khloe and Tristan

adminNovember 20, 2018

Scott Disick is sharing true wisdom in a new clip for the next episode of keeping up with the Kardashians.

As fans know, the season has already explored the accusations of deception that surrounded Tristan Thompson just before Khloe Kardashian entered work. And viewers have seen Tristan join the family in the hospital for some incredibly awkward moments.

Now, the next episode finds Khloe in L.A. with her newborn daughter, True, and her sister, Kim Kardashian West, she is worried about Khloe because she has not seen her yet.

"So I feel that Khloe is living a double life," Kim tells Scott as they relax for a moment in a luxurious gym. "She is in the city and I just have not seen her … I feel like Tristan is here and she is so nervous for him and for seeing us I feel like I enter this mode of protection …"

That's when Scott offers some solid advice based on his years in the famous family.

"Everyone wants to be the protector of their family," he replies. "But I think sometimes when people get too caught up when it comes to negative protection and they're not always there." [with] The positive … then I think everyone feels attacked. "

"Listen, it does not matter what you say to someone, when something is happening in your life, it's not really going to be taken into account," he adds. "Like, I know that on the day your mom or Khloe would get involved with me and Kourtney, that would only take us further away from the family." "He never attracted anyone and made people feel more comfortable."

In the previous episode, Tristan and Kim had their first meeting after accusations of deception surfaced. It meant that the Kardashians grimaced behind him in the room at Khloe's hospital before finally giving him an uncomfortable hug.

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