Scorpio – Thursday, December 27, 2018: You will live another, happy weekend

adminDecember 27, 2018

Astrological News: This Thursday the moon is in the virgin and a semisextile emerges between planets Jupiter and Saturn. The vibration today is five and the only retrograde planet is Uranus, in Aries. Your ruler, the dwarf planet Pluto continues in Capricorn.

If the signals you receive from your partner show lack of love or lack of affection, why insist more? You are in the cycle of the great attitude change, Scorpio, do not forget it, and you can feel restless.

The best part is that you do everything calmly without being borne by other people's comments or impressing by what they can say or do with those around you. Don't get involved in extra expenses if you didn't plan and save your money for later when you see that you can use it better.

The signs will satisfy your New Year's resolutions more easily


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This Thursday, your love life has been strengthened, and if you doubt your partner's faithfulness today, leave yourself understanding and doubt because you realize that many fears were based on assumptions that lacked true foundation.


Now it is a good time to take the decisive step and enter into a proper health plan that will strengthen you and help you lose weight. Go ahead and join a gym. Begin physical exercises and an ideal diet.

I work

Sharpen your mental goals today and try to be where you are going at the right time. A success team will set you up for a supervisor, director, or boss who will think of you for a new promising job responsibility.

Incense to start well in 2019


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Money and fortune

Soon, your efforts will begin to give concrete financial results, but to achieve them, you need to maximize your resources and make the most of your time rationally without diluting sterile discussions with negative people.

Astral biorhythm today

Sexual Energy Level This Thursday: Very High.
Cosmic dynamics that you should benefit from: Your outline and will that is stronger than the objective conditions surrounding you.
Today's dangerous trend in your Scorpion sign: neglecting the real feelings, not dedicating the quality of time to who really deserves it.
What should I avoid?: The crazy answers, without having considered or reflected well.

Prediction of couples for today Thursday

The best relationship today: this Thursday's thing will go very well with cancer or the fish. It can be good compatibility with Taurus and Virgo and even with Gemini.
The most tense relationship: There are not many tensions, but avoid confrontations with native shooters.
Your current compatibility: There is a good compatibility wave, but better with signs of water and soil, especially Cancer and Taurus, which is your opposite sign.
If you are single or single: You are going to move in new circles of interest, and in one of them something that will change your mind about a particular person at the beginning of the new year 2019.

Listen to your child's message today PRODIGIO:

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