Scorpio – Sunday, December 30, 2018: You quit a task that was expected

adminDecember 30, 2018

Astrological News: The Moon is in transit with signs of Libra moving to Scorpio, this Sunday whose numerical vibration is eight. With the exception of Uranus, which is retrograde in Aries, all other planets are direct. The ruler, the planetoide Pluto, is still directly in Capricorn.

Today, you feel inspired to do something very bold, but be careful not to overdo it or go beyond your limits, as it may be counterproductive. The best thing happens at the attitude level. You understand that not everything is resolved right away, and the quality of patience, knowing how to wait, will pay off.

The person you are interested in will be by your side, but if you look anxious and you overwhelm her, you can move her away. Too much insistence ends up with overwhelming and emotionally suffocating others, giving room.

Amorous Compatibility of 2019


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A dear person will soon come to your side and you will receive news from someone who was very important to you some time ago, but you lost track of time. Venus shipment of the sensual scorpion sign increases tension.

You can put an end to certain chronic discomforts that have affected you internally, in your abdomen, and cause nervousness and worry.

I work
Do not literally take the rumors, comments, and destabilizing walls that reach your ears in conflicting situations in your work. Take everything presented and you will solve them.

The signs will satisfy your New Year's resolutions more easily


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Money and fortune
You have to be very realistic and not have the head in the clouds because at this stage, with the moon's transit, you tend to make yourself too many illusions and rely on the resources of others, not your own. Place your feet well on the ground in nutrition, Scorpio.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual Energy Level This Sunday: High.
Cosmic Dynamics That You Should Benefit From: The Scorpio Intuition That In This Cycle Is Highly Accentuated And Tells You What Is Good For You And What Causes You.
Dangerous trend today on Sunday in your sign: Try to solve the problem to anyone who neglects your personal and family relationships.
What should I avoid ?: Let me influence the negativity of others.

Prediction of couples for today Sunday
The Best Relationship Today: This Sunday's thing will go great for you if your partner has a watermark like yours, especially the Pisces, as well as good waves with Taurus and Virgo.
The most tense relationship: be careful when talking to a Gemini or a Sagittarius who today has a very loose tongue.
Your current compatibility: a good tone with water signs such as Pisces and Scorpio, you are also very good with Earth, Taurus and Virgo.
If you are single or single: now that a new year is coming, prepare and fill yourself with the courage to declare your feelings.


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