Scorpio – Saturday, December 29, 2018: A tone of inner renewal will make you happy

adminDecember 29, 2018

Astrological News: The Moon is in Libra in the fourth quarter phase. The only retrograde planet is Uranus in Aries. The ruler, the planetoide Pluto is still directly in Capricorn.

You are in an intense mental tone and you discover hidden enemies, the betrayal of those around you, and at the same time true and true friends.

Your inner vision is evident in the emotional aspect, and the decision is right, but you can also be too impulsive and not measure the consequences of impulses. Don't exaggerate the note this day because you tend to want to do more than you can.

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Your ideas of love, fidelity and duties that exist between the members of a relationship and a partner cannot be the same as the person who is currently interested in you, and this difference in criteria can lead to conflicts.

Be more careful about your health and do not improvise without informing you of serious professionals or with knowledgeable and qualified people. A poorly prepared remedy or poorly performed exercise can harm you.

I work
Concentrate on what you do every moment and remove obsessive concerns from your mind that, when distracted, can lead to minor accidents in your work. With caution and attention you will avoid many conflicts.

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Money and fortune
They begin to open doors in your financial horizon, and within a short time you will begin to receive material benefits from your concrete efforts. An expected money comes to your hands and resolves issues and debts right away.

Astral biorhythm today
Sexual Energy Level This Saturday: Intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you should benefit from: a typical scorpion lunch that sets the path you should follow in love.
Dangerous trend today in your sign: Give jealousy or mistrust ideas to your romantic partner.
What should I avoid: ironic words, lack of empathy or instead of other people.

Prediction of couples for today Saturday
The best relationship today: good with cancer and fish, as well as with Taurus.
The most tense relationship: it appears with Aquarius.
Your current compatibility: You are compatible with signs of soil and water.
If you are single or single: with the beginning of the new year, very beautiful days approach when many dreams come true.

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