Schwesta Ewa has become a mother – the baby's name is amazing

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Schwesta Ewa has become a mother – the translation of the baby's name already tells us

Congratulations, dear sister Ewa!

On Wednesday, the scandal's children were born in Düsseldorf University Hospital. This was announced by the music on Instagram.

A very innocent mother is not Sister Ewa: Last year, she was sentenced to two years and six months in prison for tax evasion, sexual seduction of minors and 35 times personal injury.

Anyway: Here's the baby's picture!

On Instagram, the otherwise pretty tough sister Ewa was quite mild: "The most beautiful in the world is free and yet invaluable."

In addition, she also revealed the name of her daughter: Aaliyah Jeyla. And what does that mean? We've looked up: The female name Aaliyah is of Arabic origin, meaning "the high, the sublime, the excellent." Very cute, right?

And Jeyla? This name also comes from the Arab region, and obviously means spruce or Christmas tree.

We wouldn't have expected it. The name, which the joy mother picked out, sounds good, anyway. By the way, Schwaesta Ewa would not reveal who the father is. Also unclear: how much time the young mother and little Aaliyah Jeyla can spend together in freedom, the Schwesta Ewas prison, is still on hold.

According to "Bild" it is planned that the rapper will start imprisonment with his little daughter in the children's department of JVA III in Frankfurt-Preungesheim.

Anyway, congratulations!


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