Scenes where Rania Youssef raised the controversy .. The last dress appeared naked from behind

adminNovember 30, 2018

Rania Youssef has always been eager to attend film festivals and has triggered controversy by wearing bold dresses that seem more than cover typical of her followers.

It seems that Rania decided to go beyond all the red lines in her view of the Cairo Film Festival closing ceremony, recently held, wearing a transparent dress from the front and showing her naked from her back.

Here are some of the scenes where Rania made the controversy in his bold clothes.

Rania appeared at the opening ceremony at the Cairo Film Festival, held a week ago, dressed in a dress as opposed to her usual but immediately returned to touch the controversy in the presence of the show "Ward poisoned" at the festival and had an exposed dress .

Rania spent the holidays in Paris, eager to share pictures of the trip with her followers. The pictures were controversial when she had a short red dress that showed her body remarkable.

Not only did Rania publish the photos, but she shared a video with her audience dancing in one of the nightclubs in France. The video provoked controversy, and some confirmed that it was in a nightclub.

Rania participated in the events at the El Gouna Film Festival, held a few months ago, and achieved great success, and in the event of her own open dress also featured the final controversial situation among fans, and showed attention as usual.

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