Scandal continues after Voice and X Factor! Mirabela Dauer gives everything: "A big disappointment"

adminDecember 27, 2018

Scandal after the "Vocea Romaniei" final, broadcast by PRO TV on December 14, after which the winner was named young Bogdan Ioan (28 years old). Controversy has not been extinguished right now, around the holidays. Smiley's student managed to be remembered and retained because of performances on King Michael Jackson's music, followed by imitating one by one the devoted international artist. Memorable was the notion of the song "Earth Song" from the invisible audiences, but Bogdan stuck Michael and the final, where he sang "Billie Jean" alone, "I want to spend my life, love you", with Feli, and "miss me" together with Smiley.

The fact that Bogdan John presented himself as an indie copy of Michael Jackson shared the audience in two, and after being nominated a winner, many pro and counter reactions both found an avalanche in the online environment. On the Facebook page of the "Voice of Romania" program, the fans said their dissatisfaction: "There was a better dance competition, which danced best," deserves the Bogdan award, not the trophy, when he plays the covers after Michael Jackson is in his element. Yes, he mimics him, and what? How many of those who die of envy can mimic Michael? ", Are just some of thousands of online reactions.

Mirabela Dauer: "One of the three girls deserved the trophy"

Even stars have not stayed away and have said their opinion on Facebook. One of the most virulent reactions was Mirabela Dauer, who is known for saying no names without reservation. "The end of this" Voice of Romania "season has ended for me with great disappointment, and I'm sure not just for me. I'm a man who likes justice. I'm not saying the big winner is not a sympathetic, talented and charismatic Boy, I'm just saying that the three counterparts he had were visibly better. There's no reason to hide our finger and not recognize anything obvious. Talking about VOCE, deserved some of the three girls the trophy! is "Just VOCEA counts", I just expected to count! Unfortunately it was not so! Head up, Dora, Mădălina and Alma! You are artists in true sense of the word, and your star will shine higher than dare to dream! is sure of that! ", Wrote Mirabela Dauer (71) on Facebook, a voice entitled to have opinions, given her spectacular career in music for more than five decades. In the end, Bogdan fought Ioan Dora Gaitanovici, Elena Irina Rimes, Alma Boiangiu, educated by Tudor Chirilă and Mădălina Coca, Elena Andrei.

Who is Bogdan John, the winner of "Voice of Romania 2018"

Bogdan Ioan comes from Constanta and studied architecture in Iasi. He has performed sports dances for up to 17 years. Being the Michael Jackson fan, he began to learn his movements and learn to sing. Every day, he repeats over 7 hours, and is run by his friends and began to take singing lessons. Although he started with this style, he always wanted to prove that he could play songs from other musical records and managed to do it on "Vocea Romaniei", a shoe that gave him a prize of 100,000 euros. "I am very happy. I am glad people believed in me, I owe them all, and I promise them that I take the study seriously. I want to be better and better, I want my songs and live in concerts, to be closer "There's something extraordinary to me, thank you so much," Bogdan Ioan stated at the end of the PRO TV competition.

Controversy over the X Factor after Bella Santiago in the Philippines won the big trophy

On Sunday, December 23, Antena played 1 Grand Final on the X-Factor show. The winner was Bella Santiago (28), an exciting Filipino woman who had to leave her daughter in the Philippines for 7 years with her mother. Elena Delia has been impressed by the audience, her moments being viral and collecting millions of views on YouTube. If they then shouted her and gave her a winner, changed after the young woman really won the 100,000 euro prize. Most complaints related to Bella not being Romanian, although she recently married her boyfriend, a Romanian concerned, that she was also shown with the tower, not just the voice, that she was too experienced for such a competition of talents, she activates in showbiz with jukebox.

Bella announced that some of the money she would use would use her to help orphans, and with the rest she would try to secure a future for her daughter in Romania. Bella is currently in Dubai, where she has a concert, and in March she goes to the Philippines to her daughter.

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