Sat1 throws popular series straight out of the program: viewers are horrified – "are you still very clean?" – Panorama

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Sat1 throws popular series straight out of the program: viewers are horrified – are you still very clean?

The series

The series "all or nothing" was discontinued on television.

Photo: SAT.1

This decision cannot be understood by many viewers. Finished from one day to the next SAT1 The TV broadcast of his eve soap "All or nothing".

The agency justifies the decision by saying that quotas are simply poor after ten weeks and fifty episodes. "All or nothing"But not completely adjusted, so SAT1, They will show the consequences online in the future.

Fans are angry about canceling "Alles oder nichts"

On the Facebook page of SAT1 go "All or nothing"Fans on barricades:

  • Anna-Lena K .: "It's really not …. again and instead running Asi-TV …. Without words real. The best thing you try ten more series and also put it after a short while again. Ask yourself Even why other broadcasters are able to send over 5,000 episodes of a series without dropping them off after a few weeks.
  • Dörthe F: "I think SAT 1 seems tireless to make itself unpopular. The most important thing is enough time for advertising."
  • Anni D .; "I'm really appalled that the Ruhr Pottwache is taken as a substitute. Is it seriously higher rankings?"
  • Tanja L: "Finally something exciting at this time and then it is set. Impossible so what !!"
  • Andy T: "Sat1 you're not quite clean."

For the last comment, the social media team off SAT1: "Dear Tanja, we can understand your disappointment with the dismissal on TV, but as explained in the text above, we not only put the broadcast in this way. The notion on TV was not as successful as we would have liked, and that means the whole period on 10 weeks so far and a total of 50 episodes so far shown, this was not a decision that has been made from now on. "

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Here you can read the full statement from Sat1:

Love "All or nothing"Fans,

SAT.1 takes "All or nothing" from the TV show – The story of the Brock heirs continues digitally From today, a new episode will be online every day from Monday to Friday.

Director Kaspar Pflüger on the TV decision: "We have decided with a heavy heart to cancel the broadcast of our Daily & # 39; All or Nothing & # 39; and take it out of the program today. The reactions to our viewers in the social networks was consistently positive, which has encouraged us since its launch to show this endurance, but the television performance was and remains weak even after 10 weeks and 50 episodes. "


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