Saskia Atzerod's Lipoedema Disorder: "I Have Elephant Legs"

adminDecember 28, 2018

For several months she had stamped off in the gym, changed her diet – without knowing that all the trouble was in vain. Saskia on "I had fat cells around my knees, padding that didn't get rid of sports, I had sucked it off a year and a half ago, but it couldn't be sucked out because you didn't know the lipoedema, I had a lot of weight changes. "

In her most difficult time, she had gained 72 pounds on the scales, her normal and emotional weight being around ten kilos less. "I am confident, but I always come to a hole in the social networks, there were also angry comments, I am pregnant" – words that can only guess their desperation, but Saskia adds one thing: "I see my Cracks no longer from fat, have the right elephant legs. "

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