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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 15: Actress Sarah Paulson attends Television Academy honors the Emmy nominees at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts on September 15, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by JC Olivera / WireImage)

This week's episode of American horror story puts Sarah Paulson in a role she never tried before: director. That's right, the living legend slipped behind the scenes for "Return to Murder House." I'm here to clarify it, she nailed it completely. And as if he was simply directing a stellar episode of AHS It was not enough, Paulson also revealed some interesting facts about the whole test in a new interview with Variety. For example, I only had one week to prepare for the task.

Paulson revealed that the creator Ryan Murphy had initially asked him to direct the eighth episode of the season, but he switched to the sixth at the last moment. The change meant that he had almost a week to prepare. "I thought:" Do not let your fear of failure get in your way, it has never worked for you to avoid fear because you are afraid, "he said. "So I thought it was better to take your call." Of course, Paulson said she is a "girl who liked to be ready", so she piled everything she could in seven short days. This included taking a nine-hour course at the Directors Guild of America and seeing the first season again, Murder house, In its whole.

"Do not let your fear of failure get in your way, it has never worked for you before, avoid fear of something because you are afraid."

Armed with his preparation and his own ideas to direct, Paulson descended on the episode with gravitas. He even added his own charm to the episode, like making Madison open the doors with magic and make Michael look more childish and innocent. "One of the things that Dan Attias said was:" You have to take yourself in. You have to get into this story, you have to take that forward, "Paulson said. Variety. "And that's the same way I approach acting: I do not try to get rid of my own instincts, I try to listen to them and respond to them, and then I thought, why would it be different from the direction's point of view? "

Even with all the preparation, this particular episode was quite enterprising. "Return to Murder House" has 72 scenes full of flashbacks, voice-over sequences and more. As a comparison, episode five has only 28 scenes. Phew. "It was really overwhelming, and I think the only way I could do it was to focus on the day in question and try to keep my eyes on my side mirror, I always had history as a periphery, in terms of the whole thing , but I could focus on "What was the job today?" "Sometimes I think it's too overwhelming to try to keep everything at all times of the day, as if it were for any aspect of life," Paulson said. it hurts to have Ryan Murphy with a megaphone behind you going, & # 39; You can do this, you can do this! You have to do this! & # 39;

We can imagine it perfectly.


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