Sarah and Pietro Lombardi: 2019 will divorce

adminDecember 29, 2018

Updated December 28, 2018, 12:24

They have been divorced for over two years. In 2019, Pietro and Sarah Lombardi will finally make divorce.

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Sarah and Pietro Lombardi have celebrated Christmas again this year – despite Sarah's new boyfriend.

No problem for ex: "It was peaceful Christmas," Pietro said the "Picture" newspaper. The two are not only associated with their son Alessio – despite their separation in October 2016, Sara and Pietro are still married.

Not for much longer?

It should change in 2019. Pietro reveals that there is only one signature left for divorce: "Sarah has a new boyfriend, and so we both try to be ready at this level as well." In the coming year they would "regulate" it according to his statement.

"Alessio has a great mother"

The fact that the two meet very well together, Pietro recently proved when he swam on Instagram from the maternal quality of his ex.

In his story, he said: "Although sometimes the banana is in your head, I must say that she is a great mom and I am very happy and proud that Alessio has such a good mother."
Even now, the lawyer "DSDS" confirmed that Sara and he will remain friendly after the divorce. Alessio should continue to do well. (Mia)
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