Sandra Bullock confessed who was her impossible Hollywood love

adminDecember 27, 2018

December 26, 2018 at. 6:30
Updated December 26, 2018 18:46

25 years after the film's premiere Maximum speedactor Sandra Bullock made a confession that was for many expected, and for others it is quite a surprise.

The main character of the film turned out to have felt a great attraction against Keanu Reeves, her partner in the film directed by Jan de Bont. "It was hard for me to behave seriously, he looked at me and I, I don't know," said the Oscar winner with Ellen DeGeneres on her television show.

When consulted by the film where they shared credits, Bullock couldn't help but talk about Reeves and mark "how sweet and kind he was." He also assured that the actor was an excellent companion. "My dress stood up, so I told her:" What you do, don't let my dress get up. "On a whole scene, she made sure to hold on to my dress, it was very cute," she said.

Despite chemistry and companionship, his imagination of being with him was never fulfilled. "I never went out with him, I guess there was something about me that he didn't like," he said. It also seems that he has had no affair with him, it is for her that has been fundamental in cementing a good friendship.

in Maximum speed, Keanu Reeves plays Jack Traven, a policeman who would prevent a bomb from exploding on a bus, and keep the machine's top speed with the help of a passenger, Annie, played by Sandra Bullock.

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