Sandra Bullock and Bird Box cause furor

adminDecember 30, 2018

Sandra Bullock's new movie "Bird Box" has shared the specialized critics. This original Netflix fiction and directed by Susanne Bier is a post-apocalyptic thriller that apparently does not convince, but does not disappoint.

"A mysterious force destroys the people of the world. There is only one thing clear: if you see it, you must take your life. In the face of uncertainty, Malorie finds love, hope and new beginnings, but that strength only expands. Now she is forced to To escape with their two children through a treacherous river to find the only place that can hide them, but if they want to survive, they must blindly travel the already dangerous two-day trip, the official summary of the film says.

In addition, the Oscar winner, cast full of stars including Trevant Rhodes, Sarah Paulson and John Malkovich.

Next what the specialized critic says:

New York Times

"Too often," Bird Box "goes to the limit of pure excitement and disappointment. The rejection of the promise is not my worst (kinematic) fear, in itself, but it is still disappointing."


"Heisserer's script attempts to give Bullock a rich psychological history (something to do with his reluctance to accept the birth and redemption he experiences by accepting that role), and the wonderful self-sufficient actress is bowing down seriously. no way to prevent this from becoming a monster movie without a real monster. "

Hollywood Reporter

"As often happens with Bullock, he again portrays a strong woman who will not be bent down, one who wants to move the sky and the earth and do everything needed to survive a difficult task that requires great resistance."

Los Angeles Times

"Fear becomes more and more desperate, increases the volume of hurricane wind and creepy voices, on the way to an end that is foolish on the edge of misdemeanor … You've seen this many times before, which doesn't mean you care. again. "(El Comercio / GDA)

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